Everything Happens in the Office

Everything Happens in the Office

Everything happens in the office – just ask Jane Mercer and her friends within the imaginary universe of my three-novel series, Truth, Lies, and Love in AdvertisingCamera Ready!

I find the office one of the most fascinating hubs because people with office jobs dwell there most of their lives. Think about it. When I was working in corporate America, I spent at least half of my life in the office – sometimes more when things were crazy as they often were in the advertising and casino industries!

The office provides a kaleidoscope of emotions: happiness, victory, defeat, sadness, vengeance, ambition, romance and personal accomplishment.

People find friends, enemies, experience death and new life.

Family Relationships

Where else, outside of home, do you develop the kind of relationships that exist among families?

In all three of my novels, the office is the centerpiece – the central location and canvas for drama. For everything that occurs at the office continues to exist long after the characters get home; like normal people, the office experience follows them to their place of residence – they think about wins, losses and relationships. They toss things around in their sleep and then head back for more.

At work, we all assume roles, but perhaps they are different roles within each circle. In Being Jane, for example, Bobbi Silverstein, the agency’s media planner, plays mom to Craig Keller, friend to Jane and aunt to her employees.

On the flipside, Managing Partner, Warren Mitchell is everyone’s father, yet Craig fathers Alonzo Costa, his drug-addled, constitutionally late creative director who generates award-winning advertising due to Craig’s “tough love.” Jeffrey Vance and Jane are brother and sister, but Jane is romantically involved with Craig. Hmmm – so much to process here!

The Universe in Action

Once the office universe is brought to life, the stage is set and the universe is in action, there is no limit to the number of situations my characters get into, unwittingly or not. Sometimes, as the author, I feel I have very little control over any of them. Explore a little of the office dynamic in Camera Ready by purchasing it here.