For Position Only, by Adele Royce

“Adele Royce, in For Position Only, takes us not down the primrose path but through the dark night of the soul. We ache for the man whose heart, newly awakened after tragedy years ago, now bleeds in pain for the love of the woman of whom he believes himself unworthy. We cry along with the woman, who gives up everything she has to be with him, only to feel him push her away. This unforgettable journey of two beautiful and damaged souls, drawn to each other in the depths of their broken hearts, will captivate you with its exquisite beauty.”

* Rebecca Ellen Augustine, owner, Augustine Press LLC

For Position Only

“I always laughed at those women – the ones who never got that being Mrs. Keller was the absolute quickest way to hell.” – Craig Keller

Legendary LA adman Craig Keller uses his staggering good looks and tremendous personal wealth to seduce women. But he’s in a bind; there’s been a war between his agency and rival ad agencies and Craig’s business is plummeting. If he is to survive, he will have to merge his company with a competing agency, one owned by longtime rival Warren Mitchell.

But the partnership comes with collateral damage in the way of Jane Mercer, Craig’s former lover and a partner in Warren’s agency. His complex feelings for Jane disrupt Craig’s highly sanitized and ordered world. Her vulnerability and openness stir his long-dormant emotions, unwittingly cracking the wall behind which Craig stored his grief and loss.

It takes losing everything before Craig understands that, so haunted by the demons of his past and the pain and darkness in his soul, he failed to recognize the precious gift being handed to him. But time is running out and he’s in danger of making a huge mistake – one that could shatter his life forever.


For Position

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