Playing Jane, by Adele Royce

“Riveting, vulnerable, wicked — ‘Playing Jane’ is fun, Fendi, and all the other f-words in between.” — Doug Elfman, Author, Journalist, award-winning critic.

Playing Jane


“And for whatever reason, likely related to my own treacherous insecurities, I just wanted him to like me.” – Jane Mercer

For Jane, life is about being accepted. As a millennial woman working for the LA advertising agency, Warren Mitchell and Associates, Jane struggles daily just to maintain her self-esteem in the face of daily harassment from her female colleagues: three perfect – and perfectly plastic – California girls who go out of their way to make Jane’s work life miserable.

Jane molds herself, literally, into what she thinks will help her be acceptable in a superficial world where imperfections are perceived as disabilities. And while Jane’s new, improved image gets the attention of many admirers, it also gets the attention of seamy clients she is coerced into “entertaining.”

After a chance meeting, a powerful and notoriously profligate advertising mogul offers Jane a prestigious position at his firm, but the overture comes with a dark side Jane doesn’t want to see. Facing a decision that will change forever who she is, she must confront her insecurities and choose integrity … or risk losing herself to the machinations of a suave and sadistic player.



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