Truth, Lies, and Love in Advertising, a highly
addictive book series.

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Praise for “Camera Ready: “Royce has crafted a relatable story of a past relationship coming back to haunt and possibly threaten the new one, a conundrum many readers will no doubt have found themselves in a time or two.”—Kirkus Reviews

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The World of
Adele Royce

Welcome to the City of Angels, where angels don’t really exist.
This is the unsettling world of Los Angeles advertising,
where glossy, high-fashion campaigns obscure the
power, sex, and corruption underneath.

Meet the characters you’ll love

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Age: 36

Occupation: Managing Partner, Keller Whitman Group

Resides: Brentwood

Wants: Original Chagalls, beautiful women, relentless workouts, to win at all costs

Poison: Bruichladdich Black Art 1992 Scotch

Kryptonite: Jane Mercer

Craig Keller The Man You Love to Hate

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Age: 26

Occupation: Director of Accounts, Warren Mitchell & Associates

Resides: Santa Monica

Wants: Couture on a budget, a bigger apartment, to be good at something, true love

Poison: Dom Perignon (when someone else is buying)

Kryptonite: Craig Keller

Jane Mercer Our Heroine


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Age: 28
Occupation: Violinist with LA Philharmonic, Music Professor at USC.
Resides: Santa Monica
Wants: An honest woman, a house with a white picket fence, Ina Garten’s latest
Poison: Café Americano
Kryptonite: Risky business

Derek Lowell Jane's Love Interest


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Age: 30
Occupation: News Anchor, KVLA
Resides: West Hollywood
Wants: Her own show, mass adulation, larger breasts
Poison: Vodka, Soda, Lime
Kryptonite: Brits

Marisa Silva Jane's Best Friend


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Age: 48
Occupation: Managing Partner, Warren Mitchell & Associates
Resides: Los Feliz
Wants: Respect for being mentored by Ogilvy, status quo, obedient employees
Poison: Espresso
Kryptonite: Office drama

Warren Mitchell Jane's Boss


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Age: 36
Occupation: Owns her own software company
Resides: Laurel Canyon
Wants: A clean divorce, a good party, the spring Chanel line
Poison: A fine red
Kryptonite: Boy toys

Katherine (Kat) Blakely Jane's Friend


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Age: 36
Occupation: Creative Director, Warren Mitchell & Associates
Resides: Sherman Oaks
Wants: Partnership, to have the BIG idea, the agency to go public
Poison: An ice-cold beer on a warm afternoon
Kryptonite: Impatience

Jeffrey Vance Jane's Work Husband


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Age: 62
Occupation: Media queen, Keller Whitman Group
Resides: Beverly Hills High Rise
Wants: Nicorette gum, a good New York bagel, a pair of balls
Poison: Strong coffee
Kryptonite: Cigarettes and Shalimar

Bobbi Silverstein Media Queen,
Keller Whitman Group


Touch here to flip

Age: 35
Occupation: Creative Director, Keller Whitman Group
Resides: Venice Beach
Wants: Awards, small logos, no more revisions
Poison: Weed
Kryptonite: Lack of weed

Alonzo Costa Craig's "Creation"


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Age: 28
Occupation: Vice President of Accounts, Keller Whitman Group
Resides: Somewhere in the O.C.
Wants: To cause Craig’s demise
Poison: Red Bull and Vodka
Kryptonite: Anyone who gets in her way

Hayden Towne The Woman You
Love to Hate

Here's where they work

Keller Whitman Group Advertising Firm

Keller Whitman Group:
Known as: National Agency
Age: 8 Years
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
Wants: To Be King of the World
Reputation: Big Man on Campus (BMOC)

Mitchell Keller Vance & Mercer Advertising Firm

Warren Mitchell & Associates:
Known as: Boutique Agency
Age: 18 Years
Location: Downtown Santa Monica
Wants: To be in the big leagues
Reputation: Good creative, never hooks the big one

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Adele Royce

Author of ‘Camera Ready’,
‘For Position Only’ and ‘Princess Smile’.

Adele Royce and Her World

Adele Royce (a pen name concocted from two middle names) has had quite a journey so far. She fell in love with advertising at an early age – mostly from watching daytime reruns of Bewitched – this when skipping class through some feigned ailment. And, although Adele prefers Darrin 2 to Darrin 1, she was interminably fixated on the hilarity of mixing witchcraft with the invention of advertising campaigns, and the drama surrounding it.

Born in the heart of Los Angeles, Adele grew up not knowing what she wanted to be. But she wrote. Starting around age seven, she drove her teachers crazy pushing stories and poetry. She always had a penchant for the English language, which naturally, and rather stereotypically, made her horrible at math.

Adele entered college and became an English major (no surprise!), reading and writing about the literary greats. Her favorite authors? Nabokov, the Brontes, Hugo, Whitman – the pop 40 of classics. But her guilty pleasure was what became chick lit or women’s fiction or whatever the branding geniuses ended up with to describe stories women like – stories about relationships, men and women, singlehood, marriage and motherhood – stuff that should be consumed on a cozy couch dressed in pajamas and sipping wine.

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