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Camera Ready

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Truth, Lies, and Love
in Advertising Series

The second book in the series is Camera Ready. Enter the world of Adele Royce and follow Jane's journey as she has to choose desire and love and the fate of her future.

Camera Ready

Camera Ready offers a compelling version of a love triangle at its center, as L.A. executive Jane Mercer follows a tortuous path toward her version of the American dream.

Jane finally has her life together. She is vice president of accounts at the advertising agency Warren Mitchell & Partners. She has a stable long-term relationship with classical violinist Derek Lowell and a bright future full of family, close friends, and success. But a surprise encounter with Craig Keller-managing partner of Keller Whitman Group and a powerful advertising magnate-stirs up emotions from her disastrous liaison with him two years earlier. This meeting and an unexpected photo of the two in a popular tabloid topples her secure world, threatening to destroy everything she’s worked to gain.

As Jane anxiously watches, Keller Whitman Group buys out her employer, resulting in the savagely handsome Craig becoming Jane’s new boss. In addition to his alluring yet reprehensible behavior, he now has authority and control over her. Jane feels her autonomy stripped away as Craig ties her promotion to a consensual relationship with him. Worse still, Jane’s visceral attraction to him still burns, despite her wishes to keep him in her past. Forced to face up to her emotional bondage to Craig, Jane must find inner strength to live with integrity-or risk sinking into the morass of decadence and greed that is Keller Whitman Group.

“Praise for
Adele Royce’s Camera Ready"

“An enticing peek into the inner workings of an advertising agency against the delicious backdrop of Los Angeles, California, Camera Ready is a high-stakes tale of professional and romantic conflict. The intense chemistry between Jane Mercer and Craig Keller sets up a sizzling dilemma – a fast-moving read that you won’t want to put down.”
– Beverly Melasi Haag, President, Melasi Publications, Inc.

“Camera ready is a delightful page-turner, beginning with Chapter one. The novel pulls the reader right into territory that is all at once dangerous, tantalizing and fun. But beyond the fashion, friendships and fast-paced, corporate work-world, there is evidence of a glass ceiling still firmly held in place by a complex system of “Good Ole Boy” structures. Camera Ready is a must-read for the twenty-first century woman.”
– Lori Swick, Author of Comfort and Mirth and Dreaming ~ The Sacred Art

“A captivating yet unsettling foray into the world of advertising, where glossy high-fashion campaigns obscure the power, sex, and corruption underneath. You will root for Jane Mercer as she negotiates her way through the pitfalls of her career, and ache for her as she watches her dreams shatter. A sweeping story of cataclysmic chain reactions set off by one bad decision, Camera Ready is both suspenseful and fun to the very last page.”
~Rebecca Augustine, Author, Love Without Cause: Create Inner Transformation, Renew Your Thinking, and Be Love in a World That Doesn’t Deserve It

“Camera ready is a super-charged work that delivers an emotional ride for readers – men and women alike. In this internal battle of empowered Jane vs. mistake-prone Jane, she risks it all when she allows a ghost from the past to re-enter her life.”
-Pedro Figueroa, Author