Meet the Characters from The Neon Diaries

Occupation: Partner, Advertising Agency

Resides: Malibu

Wants: Freedom from his past

Poison: Bruichladdich Black Art 1992 Scotch

Kryptonite: Survivor’s guilt

Craig Axel Keller

Our Hero

Occupation: Partner, Advertising Agency

Resides: Malibu

Wants: A happy marriage

Poison: Dom Perignon

Kryptonite: Secrets and Lies

Jane Keller

Our Hero’s Wife

Occupation: Published poet

Resides: Sausalito, CA

Wants: To forget the past

Poison: Strong Coffee

Kryptonite: Her husband’s infidelity

Julia Keller

Craig’s Mother

Occupation: Chairman and CEO, The Regal Oasis

Resides: Penthouse apartment, Regal Oasis

Wants: Money, fame, beautiful women

Poison: Symphony

Kryptonite: Size Nine Shoes

Luuk Van Ness

Family Friend

Occupation: High School

Resides: Brentwood, CA

Wants: To be Daddy’s girl

Poison: Strawberry Smoothie

Kryptonite: Her stepmother

Anabel Keller

Craig’s Daughter

Occupation: CMO, The Regal Oasis

Resides: Scotch Eighties

Wants: Big-busted Strippers

Poison: Chilled Vodka

Kryptonite: Problem Gamblers

Hendrik Van Ness

Luuk’s Son

Occupation: Not getting arrested

Resides: Las Vegas, NV

Wants: A tan and a buzz

Poison: Weed

Kryptonite: Older men

Skylar Van Ness

Luuk’s Granddaughter

Meet the Characters from Truth, Lies, and Love in Advertising

Occupation: Managing Partner, Keller Whitman Group

Resides: Brentwood

Wants: Original Chagalls, beautiful women, relentless workouts, to win at all costs

Poison: Bruichladdich Black Art 1992 Scotch

Kryptonite: Jane Mercer

Craig Axel Keller

The Man You Love to Hate

Occupation: Director of Accounts, Warren Mitchell & Associates

Resides: Santa Monica

Wants: Couture on a budget, a bigger apartment, to be good at something, true love

Poison: Dom Perignon (when someone else is buying)

Kryptonite: Craig Keller

Jane Mercer

Our Heroine

Occupation: Violinist with LA Philharmonic, Music Professor at USC.

Resides: Santa Monica

Wants: An honest woman, a house with a white picket fence, Ina Garten’s latest

Poison: Café Americano

Kryptonite: Risky business

Derek Lowell

Jane’s Love Interest

Occupation: News Anchor, KVLA

Resides: West Hollywood

Wants: Her own show, mass adulation, larger breasts

Poison: Vodka, Soda, Lime

Kryptonite: Brits

Marisa Silva

Jane’s Best Friend

Occupation: Managing Partner, Warren Mitchell & Associates

Resides: Los Feliz

Wants: Respect for being mentored by Ogilvy, status quo, obedient employees

Poison: Espresso

Kryptonite: Office drama

Warren Mitchell

Jane’s Boss

Occupation: Owns her own software company

Resides: Laurel Canyon

Wants: A clean divorce, a good party, the spring Chanel line

Poison: A fine red

Kryptonite: Boy toys

Katherine (Kat) Blakely

Jane’s Friend

Occupation: Creative Director, Warren Mitchell & Associates

Resides: Sherman Oaks

Wants: Partnership, to have the BIG idea, the agency to go public

Poison: An ice-cold beer on a warm afternoon

Kryptonite: Impatience

Jeffrey Vance

Jane’s Work Husband

Occupation: Media queen, Keller Whitman Group

Resides: Beverly Hills High Rise

Wants: Nicorette gum, a good New York bagel, a pair of balls

Poison: Strong coffee

Kryptonite: Cigarettes and Shalimar

Bobbi Silverstein

Occupation: Creative Director, Keller Whitman Group

Resides: Venice Beach

Wants: Awards, small logos, no more revisions

Poison: Weed

Kryptonite: Lack of weed

Alonzo Costa

Craig’s “Creation”

Occupation: Vice President of Accounts, Keller Whitman Group

Resides: Somewhere in the O.C.

Wants: To cause Craig’s demise

Poison: Red Bull and Vodka

Kryptonite: Anyone who gets in her way

Hayden Towne

The Woman You Love to Hate