“All men suck. Some suck a lot. Some suck a little. But we all suck.” – Anonymous Straight Male Friend.
Hello, gorgeous, and welcome! Before we get started, you might want to check out my profile on Adele Royce’s home page. While misadventures may apply to a variety of areas in our lives, I’m focusing for now on my misadventures with men.
First question: “Why the hell am I in my thirties and still dealing with this crap?
Okay. Contrary to what you might think after reading my entries, I do love men. The best men are always around when I’m not available and the worst when I’m vulnerable. Sometimes I’m with what I think is the worst one ever, desperately trying to shake free so I can be with someone better. Then, that one becomes available, and I find out he was not better – maybe he was even worse than the last. Then I try to get the last one back. When I do, I realize, for the second time, that he’s not great either.
This corner of the World of Adele Royce is all about my dating disasters. Why would I want to publicize these awful experiences? To help YOU, my darlings, identify red flags before you make the same mistakes.