Who’s Talking Now?

#writing community: I’ve found when writing dialogue that it’s so important to know your characters backwards and forwards. Most writers I know develop full bios on each of their characters so they have a reference..

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When the Shoe Fits …

So many friends have inquired about how we obtained the shoe shot that sits on the home page of this website. The truth is, there is an amusing anecdote to go with it. It started..

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Color Me …?

I love color. And color is a powerful metaphor when used to create a mood, emphasize a feeling or foreshadow something that is about to happen. Color can determine an entire experience. Think about it…

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What Shall I Wear?

What Shall I Wear

One of the most surprising elements to writing the Jane series was dressing my characters. I am, by definition, a fashion enthusiast. I just love clothes, style and have an endless fascination with the subject,..

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Blame it on Barbie

In Playing Jane, there are a lot of references to Barbie – not just as a doll, but as an icon, a pillar of perfection and an impossible ideal. Almost every woman who grew up..

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